Dementia Care in Figtree, Near Wollongong

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability that is usually severe enough to interfere with daily life. This decline is usually gradual but can sometimes be sudden. Dementia impacts one in four people over the age of 85 but the support of families, friends and carers can make a positive difference. We understand how hard it can be to decide how best to care for a loved one suffering from dementia.

Greenhill Aged Care has an exceptional team of memory care specialists, helping to make life as easy and fulfilling as possible for our residents with Dementia. In our Figtree-based facility, our highly experienced nurses work hard to maintain our residents’ independence and quality of life with an emphasis on reinforcing identity, self-esteem and confidence.

Our Dementia-Friendly Facilities

Created specifically as a memory care unit, Greenhill Lodge has many unobtrusive dementia-friendly features to assist with day-to-day living. These include a specially designed bed with memory care mattress, a toilet highlighted by contrasting-coloured tiles and night lights, and a safe and secure environment for residents to enjoy. We encourage residents and their families to personalise their private spaces to inspire positive connections and stimulate memories. Our secure sensory garden provides an enjoyable outdoor space for exercise or quiet reflection. It is carefully designed with special features for stimulation, reminiscing and enjoyment.

In order to move into Greenhill Lodge, you will need a confirmed diagnosis from your doctor. Then you’ll need to arrange a free assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). They will be able to help you decide what kind of care is best for you – in-home care or a facility such as the Lodge.