Respite Care – Greenhill Aged Care

Does your carer need a break? Or perhaps you have been in hospital and are not yet able to return home. Respite Care at Greenhill Aged Care is an opportunity to stay with us on a short-term basis with complete nursing care and support, along with a great social environment to enjoy during your stay.  

Respite Care is also the perfect way for prospective residents to experience life at Greenhill Aged Care before deciding on a Permanent Care arrangement. Our short-term residents receive all the support they need and can enjoy the activities and amenities that Greenhill Manor and Hillside has to offer. Respite Care is a practical way to dip your toes in the water and ‘test drive’ your potential everyday life as Permanent Aged Care resident at Greenhill.  

For us, it is essential for Respite Care residents to enjoy a complete Greenhill Aged Care experience, without the limitations or restrictions that you may encounter with a short-term arrangement. During your stay, you will experience what it’s like to live in our home with the same high-quality care and nursing support our Permanent Care residents enjoy. Each day will be filled with opportunities to indulge a hobby or passion, try a new activity and make new connections in a warm and welcoming environment. Should the time come when you require care full-time care in future, we hope you can come back to us with wonderful memories of the comfort, security and care that you experienced during your Respite Care stay.  

It’s as simple as that. No long-term commitment—just a practical, short-term arrangement offering you and your family peace of mind, while reducing stress and anxiety if you require full-time residential Aged Care in future. To find out more about our Respite Care services, phone us on 4239 5400 or contact us below.