Care Costs

Basic daily fee – Greenhill Manor

All aged care residents, including short-term respite residents, pay a basic daily fee. This contributes to day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning and laundry. The maximum daily fee for all residents is 85% of the basic single age pension. At Greenhill Manor, a Hallmark Additional Services Package Fee also makes up your daily fee.  The current total daily fee is $72.71, being the Daily Basic Care Fee of $52.71 and the Hallmark Fee of $20.00.

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Basic daily fee – Hillside

All Residents at Hillside will pay the Daily Basic Care fee and an Extra Services Fee.  The current totally daily fee is $73.61, being the Daily Basic Care fee of $52.71 and the Extra Service Fee of $20.90

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Means-tested care fee

Fulltime aged care residents may also be required to pay an additional contribution based on an assessment of their income and assets. There are annual and lifetime caps for this contribution and any income-tested fees you may have previously paid towards home care count towards this cap.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)

Each aged care room in Australia has its own RAD price. Your RAD is a lump-sum accommodation payment, which is fully refundable when you leave. You have the option to pay the RAD either in full or a smaller deposit amount combined with a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). The more you are able to pay up front, the less your DAP will be.

Any amount paid as a RAD is government guaranteed to the resident as per the Resident Agreement.