Palliative Care, Greenhill Aged Care

The prospect of Palliative, end-of-life care isn’t typically something we’d think about every day. But the reality of saying goodbye as a patient, carer, family member or loved one is something we will all eventually face.

Palliative Care at Greenhill Aged Care provides specialist care and support for those living with a terminal illness. Led by our professional trained nursing team, we deliver the highest levels of comfort and support, while our holistic approach provides swift and assured relief from pain and discomfort.

At Greenhill, Palliative Care provides our residents with a foundation of support as they begin their journey into end-of-life care. Facilitating clear communication between a resident and their loved ones is an essential part of respecting the physical, religious, spiritual, and emotional needs of an individual.

In some ways, Palliative Care at Greenhill Aged Care also extends to the way we support family, loved ones and caregivers. Every Palliative Care resident must experience a secure and loving support system in the leadup to their final moments. Family, caregivers, friends and loved ones all play a leading role in providing this important comfort.

Our team will ensure residents, their families, and caregivers receive appropriate support and guidance from a team of professionals including GP’s, therapists, Chaplains, and pastoral carers. Having a network of professionals on-hand throughout the Palliative Care experience can provide immense comfort in providing clear answers to alleviate the confusion of this emotional time.

At Greenhill Aged Care, we take our role in Palliative Care seriously, by ensuring we provide support, comfort and genuine care in this challenging time.

Our dedicated professionals including registered nurses, carers, GP’s, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pastoral carers and Chaplains work together as a team to provide care to you and your family members.